Baldur's Gate 2: Continuing to redraw Solafein

Thinking back, I get the feeling that Solafein is coming off as something of a wet blanket; which is only partially true. I think of him as being fairly new to the whole Chaotic Good thing - well, openly good. Considering he's spent most of his life hiding his true feelings on the matters of things; it should be a hard habit to break out from. This ought to be something you can encourage in him, if you want (just be nice).

I also think he should be slightly more outgoing if your PC is a guy. My personal take on drow society is that it's chock-block full of aggressive, assertive women and men are more second class citizens; Solafein is not going to forget something like that so easily - if he made a move on a drow women who didn't appreciate it, he'd probably get sacrificed to Lloth or something. It seems more likely to me that he'd wait for the woman to make the move; but would feel perfectly fine about pulling a fast one on another guy.

If I thought such a thing was possible; I'd write it so that if you are an assertive, flirty woman, he'd end conversations with you faster (ie. avoid talking to you) but the attraction conversation will proc sooner and the confession conversation will occur differently. I don't think that's possible though; I'm not sure.

Thinking over SoA Solafein; he's not afraid to put the newcomer in their place or to question Phaere's motives. Now I have two thoughts on this:
1) He understands the culture and fits into it very well. He knows where he stands and has the confidence to smack people around. I believe going up onto the surface should change that, because you've turned his world upside down. But certainly, he should question your motives, but perhaps not be so judgemental of it.
2) In the Underdark he was your superior; up to the point where Phaere ordered you to kill him. On the surface, you are the superior. His should behave differently; more like how he was with the priestess of Lloth... almost meek in fact. I think if you are mean to him, he should be meek. If you are nice, you're encouraging him to be more open about what's on his mind. It's pretty standard.

Phaere says he's broody and moody; which translates to me as over emotional and sensitive about random shit. The highs are up in the clouds, the lows are in the abyss, that kind of thing. The question to me is whether or not he should show any of his mood swings to you. He isn't afraid to let Phaere know when he's upset about something; but on the other hand, he's actually trying not to piss you off. I'll have to think about this one.