Baldur's Gate 2: Solafein, ToB and character growth

Playing through ToB again.

I just want to say... Aerie grows some balls in the expansion here. Which leads me onto the interesting point of character growth - unfortunately on my first play through I had a very static group which didn't interact much. Anomen doesn't change at all, after he makes the alignment switch, and I always make him go down the lawful good path because +4 wisdom is awesome. Anyway... don't you feel really bad about corrupting him so that all his hopes and dreams die? I just can't do it. Lost his mother, lost his sister, lost his home, lost his father, then make him loose his Order as well? Ouch, it's too cruel :(

I'm a sap like that.

Anyway; so looking at Aerie and Nalia who both have pretty drastic character growth made me think about Solafein. I wanted, in my notes, for the final chat to occur after you've gotten your soul back from Irenicus - except I don't know if that's possible.

I've been thinking about where Solafein could go without you; and technically, after you've saved the city from Irenicus, your whole party are heroes, loved by elves... elves who have a shitload of libraries somewhere around the city and appreciate fellow bibliophiles.

In my mind, the last chat he has with you is basically an ultimatum: love him or not. He's tired of following you around like a lovesick puppy and it's only gonna get worse if you're always about. If you don't, he'll say goodbye and hang out in the elf city for a bit. If you do, then everything's hunky dory except you've just lost your SO.

Then ToB; if he left, you can always summon him in at the pocket plane and he'll be like all "Wtf, dude?" If he didn't, that's cool too.

But ToB should be about Solafein being less 'clingy'. Because he doesn't /need/ you anymore, and he's learnt, you've learnt, that need is different from love. One thing does not mean the other, one thing does not enforce the other. He had the two confused before because it's easy to do that.

This spirals down to one very simple thing: if you're mean to him, he'll tell you to fuck off and piss on your quest - if you love him, you wouldn't treat him badly. If you don't love him, then he's doing you a favour by helping you out. This isn't SoA Solafein where he shuts up and lets you walk all over him.

If you're too nice to him, he's a little cool and standoffish because he thinks you're clingy (lawl) and at some point he's gonna be like all; 'eh, just back off for a bit, ok?'

If you're neutral about it; he is as well, because he thinks your heart isn't really in it and this is one of those 'temporary' loves.

He doesn't expect you to stick around, and he isn't even sure he wants to follow you for the rest of his life. Solafein was never meant to be meek; he was just uncertain. Take that away and his old character should reassert itself, the sort that has the balls to call Phaere a bitch to her face.

I don't think he'd be a loveable character in ToB; but I want to make him as realistically male as possible. He should be selfish; ignoring the unwritten Me:PC-You:NPC rules. Anomen was basically one huge ass fangirl wank... I don't care what medieval knight setting he was pulled from, but no man is ever that polite and chivalrous... that... /selfless/. It's like turning lawful good shoves a huge stick up his arse where every action goes in defiance of basic human nature.