Baldur's Gate 2: Overview of Solafein and perhaps why I'm not suited to writing this

I'm... not really a happy sort of person, even at the best of times.

It rubs off in everything I do; including what I write. Solafein is this massive cumulation of well, everything. The entire story of his 'relationship' with the PC is destined to end badly. It's just being realistic, to my mind.

But whoever played games for the realism? It's the same reason why people drink, to drown their sorrows and escape into fantasy.

I had expected him, at the end of the ToB, to part ways with the PC, no matter what. It's really about him going off on his own; love flickers and dies as reality sets in. But perhaps there is no need for Solafein to be such a sad sort of story.

Perhaps. Ah, who am I kidding. You want a happy story, go play Weidu's metagaming Gary Stu. I'll stick to real, even if it's sad, even if people end up disliking Sola for all the right reasons. It's kind of my intention, to see if you can create this emotional response to the /character/, not because the writer messed up. Like... oh, how about Robin Hobb's Kennit? That was a beautiful bastard.

In SoA I want people's reactions to be: 'aww, how can you not like him? He's so cute like a widdle puppy.'
In ToB the same people should be: 'wtf, how can you like him?' and not because he's actively being a dick, but because he's not trying /at all/.