Dragon Age: Origins - the story so far...

I'm only about 4% through the main story, but so far it's been AWESOME.

My biggest gripe is the blood splatter on your toon never seems to wear off - so you have very emotional scenes that usually occur towards the end of a chapter... a long chapter where you've been hacking your way through about fifty orcsdarkspawn and the camera switches to a hypothetical tear jerker moment... and all you can think about is how desperately you want to shower.

There's no alignment system which I think is a great move; I am actually enjoying the characters as being more 3D in persona and complicated, like, you know, real people. There is a 'influence' system though, but I haven't decided if that is a good or bad thing. I thought I wouldn't like Morrigan, the poster girl for DAO, but I am actually rather fond of her, dry wit and all. I didn't even think I would like Alister... the ah, poster boy, but I do... it's great.

It's nice to have characters that aren't so black and white hated/loved or too boring to even form an opinion.