Dragon Age: Origins - A few more thoughts....

Ok, yeah, Morrigan is really bloody annoying now. She won me over temporarily with 'what is with all the /touching/' but her whining every time we pick up a quest that involves us helping someone grates on my nerves. Dude, I want to say to her, we're not /helping/ people, we're getting XP.

She's like a bloody loose cannon. I've decided to just say whatever the hell I feel like, and then soften the blow afterwards by stuffing her full of gifts.

Alister is really cute. Hohoho.

My favourite character at the moment would have to be Wynne. But I have one huge problem with her. She's a healer. I'm a healer (btw, why will she not teach me how to be a spirit healer? /sadpanda). Having two healers in the group sucks. :(