Dragon Age: Origins - Verdict

I've got love hearts dripping all over this game. WUV

Alister really is strawberries and cream; or maybe like a Labrador puppy... you just want to cuddle him. :3

'Wyyyynnnneeeee, my shirt's got a tear in the back... could you mend it when we're, you know, back at camp?'
'Why do you need /me/ to mend your shirts for you?'
'I always gather up too much of the fabric and the shirt ends up puckered and hangs unevenly... plus, you're, well, grandmotherly. That's what grandmothers do, isn't it? Mending shirts and darning socks and what not... Any way, the hole could get bigger... I could catch a cold... you wouldn't want that, would you?' *PUPPY EYES*
'Oh... very well-'
'Oh goody and while you're at it, the elbows need patching-'
'Careful young man or a puckered shirt will be the least of your problems.'