Dragon Age: Origins - Leliana's Nug

Because I was having a hard time finding this gift for her; I googled it up and couldn't find a straight forward answer. YOU FAILED ME, GOOGLE.

Anyway, ignore the crap about needing to find 11 nugs before you can get one. I don't even know where people got this information from.

Here's what I did:

1. Take Leliana to the nug wrangler dude when he asks you to find em. She'll say something about how those nugs look all dirty and nasty.
2. Wrangle nugs until you can find no more. I think there are 5, all in the main area of Orzammar.
3. Talk to Leliana and hopefully she'll mention how she wants a nug.
4. Talk to Idle Dwarf in Dust Town - now I talked to him after Dust Town was cleared from Javia's menace, but I am not sure if this is necessary. If you get no dialogue to talk to him about the nugs, either ask Leliana or move on with the main story. Anyhoo, tell him to go find a nug.
5. Go camp.
6. Go collect nug from Idle Dwarf.
7. Give nug to Leliana and wonder what the hell she sees in this creepy mole-rabbit-pig thing.

8. Between Dog's constant barking and Schmooples's whimpering, ponder how the darkspawn don't hear your camping grounds a mile away...