Dragon Age: Origins - More Anecdotes

bits and bobs

Morrigan: Surely any need for such deception was lost when the king was slain?
Alister: I was just sort of hoping it would all go away.
Morrigan: The truth does not just 'go away'!
Alister: I didn't say it was a good plan.

My guild leader says Alister is kind of whingy and I have to concede... but I still think he's really cute. Must be a girl thing HA

Edit: One thing that's annoying is how there's no way to tell your other possible romantic interests that you're just being friendly. It's always +influence until they start to fall for you, even if you're very careful about not flirting with them. And then when you put them in their place, they get all huffy. I mean, Zevran took a -20 dive and it is so bloody impossible to earn influence with him - short of asking him to Join You In Your Tent.

Another problem is Alister never seems to register that he, in fact, is already involved with you, so he'll always crabwalk around the issue when Leliana and Zevran start getting their influence up, forcing you to confess all over again.

Which was 'Awkward...' the second time and DUDENOTTHISAGAIN the third time (but... this was because he was splattered in blood and that's just... not exactly what I think of as being romantic.)

I think how the romance mechanism should work is that it's something you have to trigger on, rather than be active by default. So increasing your influence with them makes you their friend, but if you use any of the flirtation dialogue paths during the process it'll set the romance as active and go from there.