Dragon Age: Origins - Holy Crap, I am The Exile!

Playing a dwarf noble. Gorim is the cutest thing ever under five foot. Hang on, I'm a male dwarf, I can't think that about my best and now happily married friend. /tehawkward...

That's it, I'm rerolling a female. Except he's probably still going to be happily married and my heart will be broken :(

PC: Gorim, tell this woman she may remove herself from from my presence.
Gorim: (dryly) Go.

PC: Gorim, we need to kill these men.
Gorim: I'll try to hide my disappointment.

PC: Gorim, do the prudent thing.

PC: Gorim, why is this man addressing me?

Haha, I love the guy, he just takes all your shit in stride.