Dragon Age: Origins - How to get Party Banters to Proc

My brother did not know this, even though I thought it was quite obvious.

Basically there are area points in the game where it triggers a conversation between party members. Usually this occurs on a bridge, since it ensures your party has to cross over them. It procs once and then is set to 'null.'

Now the trick is that the trigger is reset every time the area is reloaded. So you can force proc conversations by entering and exiting a map repeatedly.

The best place to see your party's conversations is in Redcliffe Village:
1. Go to the lower bridge that crosses the waterfall.
2. After the conversation procs, run to the chapel and then out again to reset the map.
3. Repeat until they stop bantering.

Now some conversations have additional requirements; such as a relationship is active, a plot point is reached, etc. Come back later and so on.