Dragon Age: Origins - Easter Eggs and Fortune Cookies

No cookies but I have no idea what "In memory of the Lohs, forever frozen in never-ending winter nights" is referring to and it's driving me insane.

I can only think of two possible meanings; either it's an expac that never got past planning stage or it's got something to do with the machinima series Neverending Nights. But I don't know. It's very odd.

the lohs

I just don't know.
Re: Easter Egg.
Yes, but what does it refer to specifically? I can't think of anything in NWN that this could possibly stand for; it's not an acronym I recognise, it's not even a name. Very curious.
Re: Easter Egg.
It's just a reference to the game itself, some of the developers for Dragon Age worked on Neverwinter Nights creating levels, if you played the cavern level for the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest, that whole level was built in Neverwinter Nights before, and retooled and updated for Dragon Age on the 360.
Re: Easter Egg.
Really? This is certainly fascinating o.O What was it supposed to be used for in NWN? Was it NWN 1 or 2? A module of some sort? I must say I did find the sprawling caverns rather reminiscent of the endless orc tunnels in NWN2...

Easter Egg.
The reference doesn't specifically come from, "The lohs." It's from the "Never-ending winter nights." The Lohs I think were an NPC family in the game.
Re: Easter Egg.
I figured "Never-ending winter nights" was quite obvious what it referred to, but the "Lohs" part was giving me difficulty.

It's interesting you say it's a family name, which would certainly suit the context. I replayed Bioware's D&D titles prior to DAO and I don't recall anything of significance in NWN and subsequent expacs with this name. If it's a lesser known NPC, which is probable, the question would then be why would it be important enough to be included in a DAO easter egg?