Dragon Age: Origins - Extracting the Sound Files

I had hoped I could do this a la NWN2 and gather all the information I needed from there, but unfortunately, the voice over files are done in a very strange manner that makes it extremely difficult to piece anything together... which I'm sure is what they intended after all.


Although this means I can't extract conversations, I can extract one liners that one might not normally hear.

Alister has some very /harsh/ lines he'll say if he doesn't like you very much. It's almost brutal how scathing he can be, rather like getting thrashed by a puppy.

A noteworthy one was: 'THERE IS NO US! There is just ME and the woman who spared the life of Duncan's murderer!'

The delivery is quite amazing... I have this huge admiration for voice actors. Not Japanese voice actors because I think they are actually incredibly flat and boring compared to professional English voice actors.

Tim Curry? Crispin Freeman? Minnie Driver? These people are BRILLIANT. I love listening to sound files just to hear the fantastic range of emotion a person can put the tone and delivery of words. No body language, no eye contact, just... pure sound.

It's just so... awesome.