Dragon Age: Origins - More Bits and Bobs

Alister: Mind you, then I'd have 'crown hair' all the time. Is that a thing? Can you have 'crown hair'? I bet you can.

Alister: Make fun of my comrade in arms? Never. Well, tell me then, have /you/ ever /licked/ a lamppost in winter?
Male PC: I've licked my share of lampposts and then some!
Alister: That's... a disturbing mental image you've conjured for me there.
Alister: I, myself have never had the... pleasure. Not that I haven't thought about it, but... you know.
Male PC: Ha! You're a virgin and you're how old?
Alister: Oh ha ha. Your cruel japes will be remembered, ser. [-]
Alister: Or at least until lunch. Lunch makes everything better. Oh look, I have cheese.

Can't remember that bit in between.. Oh what was it? Something about crying himself to sleep.

Alister's lines has this amazing ability to make you laugh randomly when you're at work.

Also, we brought Warden's Keep - I don't actually think it's worth it. Certainly not alot of play time and the storytelling is not really up to the standard of the rest of the game. Seriously... you see a vial of mysterious blood and you just.. quaff it? DUDE. What happened the last time you quaffed some curious blood? /facepalm