DAO, Internet Retards and I wonder how Wikipedia does it?

It's a wiki, not your personal oral vomit receptacle. That's what a blog is for, geez.

Now that I'm All Grown Up and out in the real world, I've come to appreciate the years I spent getting an education, learning useful things like The Structure of Essays, Why Should I Cite Sources, How to Communicate Meaningfully and Concisely When Appropriate.

I flunked my HSC english, but apparently FLUNKING it still means you're above 90% of the people on the internet. Fucking fail.


Teachers will teach you crap that is completely useless, but the important stuff is the crap they won't /actively/ teach you. I never sat down and learnt how to spell words, or how to write sentences. You pick it up because you do it for twelve goddamn years and presumably you don't sit in class with your finger up your arse for that entire duration. Presumably people /learn/ things in school, even if it's just the difference between 'two' and 'to'.

Stupidity is an internet filter. Normal people sit down and somewhere between their keyboard and everyone else's monitors, I don't know, they turned around and started buggering English in its fine, aristocratic rear.

Don't even get me started on the females... A girl aged 20 on msn will immediately start typing like she's a bloody 12 year old. It's almost like having a unicorn shit all over your text.