Dragon Age: Origins - Dwarves are kinda cool

When I rolled a dwarf, I had this glorious vision of me, slamming opening the doors to the council, heavy metal boots ringing against the marble floor, the stride of a god, ego oozing from every pore.

Harrowmount and Bhelen, paused mid-sentence in their cat fight, stare blankly the iron crown clenched in my gauntlet fists. I raise it proudly. Forged by Caridin himself, deep in the heart of the earth on the Anvil of the Void. His final work.

Harrowmount will, of course, kneel before his king. Bhelen's eyes will narrow. How well does my brother know me? Well enough.

"I am the Exile Returned!"

I make a point of kicking Bhelen in the nutsack when he falls. Just so.

Of course, this dream of mine was ruined by the fact that:

1) You cannot crown yourself
2) While I enjoyed every moment of DAO the first time round, but you sort of realise replaying involves doing all the major questlines like the blasted Dalish elves and the Cult of the Damned and frankly, those become incredibly painful after the first or second replay.

Oh hey; I wanted to mention. The dwarf origin storylines are incredible works of literary art.

Orzammar is this static 'object', neither good or evil. It is a situation.

As a dwarf noble, you get the view from the top looking down. As a commoner, you are on the bottom, looking up. The same background but told with vastly different perspectives.

What amazes me is that I went in, with no idea how I was going to play my character - I didn't know if I should be selfish or kind or violent, but based on how the background you were 'raised' in, that mapped the way for my character to evolve, without effort.

I love how nobles will root for Harrowmount, because he is your 'friend' and Bhelen is your traitor brother who murdered your eldest brother, framed you and then possibly murdered your father in a bid for the throne.

And if you play a dwarf commoner, Bhelen is the kindest Aeducan, the youngest, the underdog, like you. He fell in love with your sister and now he wants to make life better for her and her kin, the casteless. Bhelen is your saviour, and he will drag Orzammar out of the dirt and into a bright world of Progression.

It's very good writing, which makes me agree, this is how the Game media should work; this is interactive storytelling at its finest.