Dragon Age: Origins - Harden the Fuck Up, Aye?

Alistair: They say Anora is smart, determined... she's the one who really ruled here, not Cailan. She's her father's daughter.
Alistair: (distasteful) Me, I say that's where the problem lies. People like her and her father always think they're the only ones who can fix things. So everyone should just stay out of their way.

It's delightful how much cooler Alister becomes once you've told him to htfu - I was all googly eyes about it. 'Right on!' Especially how he reacts to Anora at the Landsmeet is so heart worthy.

Honestly, I can't believe Anora...
Warden: 'What Alistair wants isn't important.'
Anora: 'And by extension, neither is what I want?'

I wish I could reply to her:
Warden: 'Everything's about what you fucking want, or we wouldn't be having this stupid conversation in the first place.'

Its actually kind of funny how my dislike of Anora came into being. The first time I played this, we had no problems. In fact, I rather respected her so I let her be queen; hey, why should I give a flying fuck over who sits on the throne? This was because I got the hint when Anora came out dressed as a guard and I took points in cockney over diplomacy by beating up Ser Cauthrien at the door.

Then my brother played and he took diplomacy, being a noble. Needless to say, Anora stabbed him in the back which led to the event in Fort Drakon - a huge event that I DID NOT KNOW existed until he did it. I was astounded because it was surprisingly deep for a scene that was /completely optional/.

So on my next play through I took diplomacy options, or asshole, cold hearted options - although as an aside, I can never do cold hearted very well as my moral conditioning is too strong. The best I can ever manage is stern practicality.

I let Anora betray me, because I wanted to explore the Fort Drakon prison. Fair enough. I'm going to repay her by taking her throne anyway. But we'll pretend to be civil. Look, I'll even play matchmaker with her and Alistair... I'll need her support for the Landsmeet so I'll pretend to be on her side for now...

Except Anora's one step ahead of me. At the Landsmeet, she betrays me. Again.

She sides with her father and denounces me. I'm standing there, flabbergasted, because I've been outplayed by a NPC.

Back then when I did it, I had no idea why Anora turned on me. I didn't say anything different, to my mind - oh sure, I was slightly more hostile than my sycophantic mage, but that's to be expected, surely? Anora didn't turn on my brother's character at the Landsmeet, so what the hell gives?!

I still don't know why she turned on me, exactly. At no point did I imply she did not have my full and utmost support. But I now know how far this woman will go.

You wanna be a dick, Anora? I'm gonna give it back to you tenfold; even if this means I gotta knock Morrigan up something fierce.

... /shudder

Although I dislike Anora; I still admire her as a character. She's surprisingly complex, which makes me appreciate the writing gone into her - as you can probably tell from my rather intense reaction towards her.