Jade Empire: Completely Uninspired

Well, I finished it. Combat looks sweet; but the story telling was kind of crap. I pretty much hated everyone I met because they wouldn't shut the fuck up. I'm looking at you, water dragon.

I was also seriously hoping my character would martyr herself so I wouldn't have to spend the rest of my life with Sky. Funny how you don't get an option to completely smash his heart during the 'confession' scene. Really. I would be like all: 'dude, I just came back from the dead. I've got real priorities now.' lawl!

The worst part is.. you can't even skip the animation sequence. In Dragon Age I got all embarrassed for my character and skipped it for their privacy! Jade Empire actually crashed the first time so I had to see it TWICE. WTH guys. WTH.

My brother, who didn't know anything about the characters, looked across at this time and said: 'who's the douchebag.'


I think NWN2 had the worse possible breakup scene that you could do to Casavir at the gate. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. It's just... I mean... wow. And /ouch/.