LotRO: The pain is still too fresh

It's what, free week in LotRO.

I logged on, all keen to give the game a second go and then remembered why the last time there was a free week I did nothing but spend my time fishing outside my hobbit hut in Michel Delving.

The last time I logged on, I accidentally deleted, sold, or lost my epic smithing hammer. It was the best hammer you could get in the game. I had brought the rare material for it and a super scroll and proc'd it.

I even named it, as I would have named my firstborn.


Then then... I lost it. Could not be found in my bag. No idea what happened to it. Surely it was locked, why would I not lock it? Doesn't matter. It was gone.

When I desperately pm'd a GM to help me find my missing baby, I was coldly informed that they did not care for misplaced items and that I was, in layman's terms, fucked.

I brought a bottle of whiskey and a fishing rod, and spent out the years of my youth drowning my sorrows.

Dearest Turbine.

I honestly do love your game. I think it looks beautiful and charming. I want to give it a second chance. I want to buy the expansions and explore your Middle Earth.

But give me back my hammer, please. I cannot play the game without recalling the anguish. It is just...

Too much to bear.
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