The End, I guess.

Well, I cancelled my WoW account ages ago, but it finally came to an end today.
Do I want to renew? I dunno.

I miss the good times. But those are gone. I can't go back.

I guess there's new content but this involves levelling up my druid on a server where I don't really like or know anybody. The horde guild sucks. I hate the way they treat my family, especially the way they treat Jerry. They don't mean to be cruel, but that's even worse.

I am kind of interested in continuing on this new server that I've hopped into, but well, I am not sure if I want to roleplay 24-7, and I am not sure if Jerry has any interest in getting yet another character to 60 again.

I think I'll sleep on it.

Oh yes, I am also not drunk, although I wish I was.
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