Mass Effect: RPG Romances always make me feel depraved

Well, I'm playing the default guy. I heard Kaiden was kinda boring for females anyway and I wasn't much into alien lesbian sex.

I was more inclined to just ignore the romances, but my brother pointed out that I would then be missing out on 'story' - so without really meaning to, I guess I've been chatting up Ashley.

I mean... I guess?

I never flirted with her directly, but suddenly she's says there's an 'us.' I guess being nice is enough.

So... well, who am I to stand in the way of awkward sexual tension! (Plus... I mean, I have been unwillingly checking out my toon [see below] and I have to say John Shepard is one hell of a fine specimen. Better spread those genes around in the pool, aye.)

Oh, Ashley, you are such a cock tease.

As the third party observer in this relationship, I can only say: hawt!

I also have to point out that the red lighting whenever you go to talk to Kaiden and strange silence as he turns to look at you screams of homosexuality. I'm sure it's supposed to work out alright if you play a chick character, but still. Dude, would it kill you to relax? Not here to check out your flexing abs.... no, not at all.