Mass Effect 2: What the hell Garrus

Didn't know you could hit on Garrus in ME2 or I would've rolled a female toon to start. I'm kind of in mixed minds about that.

On one hand, it's Garrus! Fuck awesome!

On the other hand, wtf weird turian-human sex? How does this even work? I mean... does he... where would... wouldn't that... is this something I should not think about very deeply?

Still, I saw it on my brother's toon. 'So your, uh... hair, looks... good. And your waist is... very supportive.' Oh, you are gold, Garrus.

Also, Legion is cool. The bit where you question it about the N7 armour patch and it just... kinda stands there awkwardly, not knowing the answer. 'Insufficient data.' EVASIVE MANEUVER!

Afterlife has awesome music.

Shepard is a sellout. 'I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite store in the Citadel!' x10000000