Dragon Age: Awakening - So sad

I finished it... my life is meaningless now :(

Feels like the whole background of the Architect is missing or hidden from our view. I wonder when that story will pop up, or if ever.

It seems a bit short but I guess that's just cause I been holding my breath. But when I think about it, it's about the same length as Throne of Bhaal to Shadows of Amn.

I was looking forward to catfighting with Nathaniel but it didn't happen much. He was way too meek about it and not confrontational enough!

That being said, I found it amusing that my char got along best with him. Everyone else throws a hissyfit when I roleplayed the lawful neutral worldly heroine - apparently my disregard of their 'childhood trauma' makes me callous. I just want to roll my eyes. One word: Cousland. Don't see me crying about it. Got my vengeance and saved the world while I was at it.

That's not to say I don't think my character isn't intrinsically broken. The best heroes are the flawed ones, after all. She just doesn't feel the need to share it with every farking stranger that walks past her.

Oghren is a really good example of a 3D character who doesn't blurp his whole life story at you. He is so terribly, terribly broken but he wears the stereotype of the drunken dwarf over it. But the things he says, more importantly: the things he DOESN'T say, lets you see the coward underneath the warrior.

I feel like buying 10 minimunnys and drawing up the whole team. That would be wicked fun.