Dragon Age: Awakening - Selective memory? Or just dumb.


I'm surprised your party members want you to ally with the Architect. Have they forgotten about the basic nature of the darkspawn? Our 'species' (if they can even be called that...) are incompatible. How do the darkspawn reproduce again?

Why, they kidnap our young women and do horrible things to them.

Like making a pact with any kind of man eating carnivore, at some point they are going to eat you. And they will do it at a time you least suspect it or are most vulnerable. It's completely unavoidable. Their continued survival literally depends on them torturing and mutating us.

As Gray Warden and the farking Queen, I am putting my foot down on that. Better 400 years of false peace than extinction.

Anyway; here is a list of things I wish we could see/have:

1. I wish that when you first meet Nathaniel, you get the option to duel him. Something about wanting to see the skill that held off 4 Wardens. If he wins, he gets to live. If he loses, you can either kill him or let him join anyway. I just think my Cousland noble should be practically screaming to rip off his head, so if there was this option to take out some of that frustration, would be awesome rp.

2. Kinda wish there was backstory with Utha and the Architect. She's a Warden but.. how did they meet? What did he do to her? He's clearly got some kind of charm effect going on. Who is he? What is he? What about the Mother? Who was she? Why does she look different? And the Children? What are they? Why are they abominations? And so on. Too much left unanswered. I can't tell if this done on purpose or just plot holes.

3. It's really hard to get rep with these people or what! Clearly there is not enough gifts in this game =.= How am I supposed to speak my mind if you don't give me buffer items afterwards!

4. The last person you recruit will not be able to undergo the Joining - which means you never get their side quest. It's really annoying, because I felt all the companions were a little on the shallow side this time. As opposed to Casavir who just didn't have any personality, these guys just needed more screen time. So. More screen time for companions.

5. Curious about the tomb in the basement. Is Vigil's Keep built on the tomb of some tribal god? Farking hell. Perhaps a bit more chance to see the history of your castle.

6. You get all these upgrades for your dudes and you hardly see any of them :( WTB silverite armour on my soldiers.

7. Neverwinter Nights 2 had a much better keep management thing. I do wish there was more of that sort of thing, the decision making, the juggling of diplomacy. That's fun, that is.

8. What happened to my dog.