Dragon Age: More Awakening Rants

I finished Awakening again on my Orlesian mage. Basically did everything my rogue did not do, to a mix of horror and delight.

One thing my rogue didn't get was the max rep for my companions. It meant their endings were all sort of bittersweet, but I figured that was entirely in keeping with her character.

On my mage, I burned down Amaranthine! I promoted crime! I hung nobles and threw their heirs in jail! I threatened my peasants! I am a goddang evil bitch!

Aww, that's not entirely true. I defended my farmlands. I also sided with the Architect, but I still think that's got to be one of the dumbest things you could ever do.

It was good to see the extra plot with your companions, but I was seriously disappointed that siding with the Architect didn't explain where Utha came from.

I was actually quite happy with the ending I got. It was a mix bag of good and evil and it delighted me to no end that the ending spoke of my mage as being unpredictable and all her nobles were wary of her. I was like hell yeah! There's no real logic to why I do things, I just do it cause I haven't seen it before.

Then it occurred to me that I was wrong because I was being predictable- I was playing to an alignment. My rogue was lawful neutral. My mage was simply being chaotic neutral.