This is War - 30 seconds to Mars

I hate this stupid song so much and yet it's really addictive.

Oh, it's got good /bits/ but it's splattered in between by dumb cliches and fucking stupid lyrics. Brave New World? Fight x10? TO THE EDGE!!11!!oneone!

... WHAT THE HELL. Ugh. I remembered this song simply because of how dumb the lyrics are.

The only part that hits a note is "lift your hands toward the sun" and the fadeout.It has this super strong imagery that actually... I don't know, means something other than random JARGON PHRASES thrown at people.

I HATE THIS SONG SO MUCH and the only thing that keeps me coming back to it is because it tells me to raise my hands.

Why do you have this horrible song as your credit, Dragon Age? T_T You deserve a better lyric writer................