I'm mean but not that mean

So it was my little nephew's birthday yesterday. The spratling is two years old and the cutest little bugger ever. I know people say children are cute and usually I'm pretty passive about it, but this little boy is seriously cute. And so cheeky!

Anyway, my brother and his wife threw a little party for him, just the three of them. He logged onto WoW after the kid had gone to bed to tell us about it.

The most amazing thing to me is watching my brother talk about his son. Seriously, listening to stories about people's children is not the most exciting thing, but his enthusiasm is infectious. The years just drop from his face. Children make you young.

While he was talking about his son in our party chat, we had a friend in our party listening in. The first thing she said was: "Why don't you skip forward to the part where the balloon blows up in his face."

I am certain my brother was offended. A balloon blowing up in someone's face is not a pleasant thing and certain NOT something I would wish on any child, let alone a baby.

It's just a horrible, and really FUCKING RUDE thing to say.

I really regret not scolding her outright. I really don't know what's happening, but her wit and sarcasm have soured to vinegar lately. If she finds it boring, hey, don't listen in.

No need to be a bitch.