Reading: Or thinking about it; Warriors Anthology

I really like Diana Gabaldon's Lord John stories. It kind of surprises me when I see in her blog that people don't care about him.

How can they not? He's so funny! And Tom is a sweetheart. I find myself not having exterior motives; not secretly hoping the characters will shack up with other characters, not hoping for anything to /happen/ to John - no, not really.

People get emotionally attached to a character in a certain way and they want certain things to happen. They want him to be king; They want him to find love; They want him to save the princess and be the hero. It's part of why people get really upset when the story takes a turn and their favourite character dies.

Not to say I wouldn't be sad if John died, but I'm not invested in anything. I just like taking a stroll with him down Ye Ol' London. I like his commentaries. I'm not so much following a storyline as I am exploring a setting. To that end, reading this book feels more like a first person puzzle akin to Professor Layton, rather than a third person RPG like... well, name anything you want.

Plus it doesn't hurt that John is a very charming character. Not just to the other characters in the book - he exerts that same subtle charisma on the reader. I can't help but like him.