Been playing Aion! Bwuhahaha.

In the beta I played a female character and absolutely hated it. The is because in the cut scenes they didn't change the voice actors for the uh.. combat grunts. So the females have this stupid squeaky bullshit that I really hate. It just sounds so forced and faked.

It sounds like every bad Japanese porn in which the girl is getting raped and /enjoying/ it.

Fuck I hate that bullshit.

Anyway, so when my brother made me play Aion again, I struck him a deal. I would play if only the both of us rolled male characters.

He was very disappointed.

Another problem I had with the male character is that they all looked a bit too.. um, polished? Airbrushed. Cartoon dolls pretending to be human. So I had my own hurdle to get over.

I decided to counter this by making as excessively 'fruity' male toon. But it was too fruity and I toned it down. I actually regret toning it down. I could have been slightly more fruity.

We called him Sedric. HAHAHAHA

My brother questions why I keep using the word fruity. Fruity is the point before outright queer. It's more Metro than Gay.

TBH, it's grown on me. My fruity character. The flying. I think my bro's male tank has grown on him as well.
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