Dragon Age: Origins - Fuck that

Dragon Age anime?

Ugh. What an awful idea. Unless they are just doing one set in the universe and not a translation of the actual story.

Part of the Charm of RPGs is... well, you know, the roleplaying factor. Dragon Age does a wonderful job of having all these great Origins your PC can come from and all of them flow really well into the main story.

To throw all of that away and tie down the story with a "official" character is just poor form. I think the same of John Shepard from Mass Effect, the one they have on the website. To some extent that's ok; because it just dictates his appearance and not his personality - but I think it's very bad for a CRPG to say: 'you can play whatever you want, but in the REAL storyline, this is what actually happened.'

You're saying to your fanbase that what they felt, experienced and gained from their encounters was nothing more than Fanfiction: ie. something that happened in an alternate reality and does not matter.

Don't do that.

Dragon Age: Origins anime = BAD

Dragon Age anime = maybe ok

And yes, I hated the Baldur's Gate novels.