Reading: The Stolen Throne by David Gaider

I read through the novel with a sense of unease that I could not put my finger on; something just wrong and out of place with the whole book.

Finished it. And realized the problem is that is should have been a trilogy.

Contrary to other game-turned-novels; where there isn't enough of a story so the writer is forced to stretch out watery content, this novel is completely the opposite. It's too rich, too dense, too much scope squished into a tiny novel - which although pretty thick for the genre; simply cannot hold the content within it comfortably.

There is great potential for epicness in this book. The themes, the character development, the drama. It was along the lines of Frodo's journey to Mt Doom in one volume. The characters reached a decision and you could... sort of... see how they might come to that conclusion. But the novel simply bounced over it, in the manner of a stone skipping on the surface of a lake.

Katriel needed that backstory. Rowan needed the character dissection in which you could see her deal with heartbreak and then the inevitable rebound. Loghain needed that padding in which he grew into the man willing to sacrifice that which was dearest for the good of Fereldan.

You see, I keep envisioning a box, so stuffed with items that it's bloated and the hinges are popping.

Write it again, David. And this time, give it room to breathe.