Dragon Age: Origins - I like Fereldan

They breed tough women in there.

It reminds me somewhat of Janny Wurts's clansfolk. I think Fereldan women are like that to a degree; ruthlessly practical. I like the idea that arms training is compulsory to all genders, up to a certain age. The justification for it is very realistic.

I like the idea in Fereldan that noble women should be expect do to the same. They might be nobles and they might be women, but they have a family and a home to defend, should the need arise. I do not think any father who has survived the Orleasan occupation would want their daughters to be found wanting.

I guess I would be a feminist. I hold contempt for women who use their gender as an excuse. I also hold contempt for men who fall for it. I believe in a very fundamental process of pulling your weight.

It's kind of why I like Fereldan so far; I'm sure there are weak women as there are strong ones; but so far all the female role models we've seen are good ones - even Anora is, in her own way, admirable. She wants something and she'll kick your arse in manipulative politics to get it.

I find it sad in certain books and certain... dramas, that women are nothing more than rape bait. It's really poor storytelling and sends all sorts of the wrong message. Is being raped is one of those everyday fears women have at the back of their heads? Sort of like how people generically fear to have their house burn down, a family member hit by a car, etc? Not that I'm trying to downplay the emotional trauma; I know how terrifying it is.

But you know. Women are more than that mutual fear and it is possible to engage them in other ways.