This is a bit risque.

This is basically a rant about bra shopping.

If you are like me, that is, asian in a western world, you will have in your undergarment drawer something like fifty million types of bras, brought in the belief that this one will not pinch, that this one will sit properly, that this one won't look like you've shoved two cones down your front.

My sisters! That is a goddamn lie.

Because the fact is, western designers don't know shit about small cup sizes. NO, you stupid monkey, simply shrinking the cup size but retaining all the same dimensions otherwise will NOT work.

This is not a bloody game character creation where the chest is a single slider that bloats or deflates. The entire shape of the breast is different. The way it behaves is different. The way it sits naturally is different.

I swear these idiots have never seen an A cup or, for that matter, anything under a bloody C cup.

Anyway, this is a note to say, if you are flatchested, you might as well order your bras online from Japan. I'm serious. They probably do theirs the other way around, design it on the A cup and then enlarge it. I'm sure the D cup women over there are positively spitting fire.
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