Female PM?? OMG

Maybe sarcasm does not translate well in text.

Basically I discovered last night that there truly are a bunch of 16th century Australians still existing even today.

Some douchebag in guild said he hated our new female PM.
I said: "OK. Why do you hate her?"
He said: "becuz she is female" and he "just doesn't want a female leader"

... I swear if he was in front of me at that very moment I would have kicked him so hard in the balls.

Look, I'm not a big fan of her either. But let's be reasonable. Maybe you disagree with her/ her party's policies. You dislike the way she came into power or you're not sure if she has the experience to pull Australia out of the rut.

But to judge her based solely on the fact that she's female?

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU, DIPSHIT? Have you been educated in a first world country or what?

UGH. It made me so angry, I swear. I seriously wanted to punch this person in the face as I've never wanted to punch anyone in my entire life.

If he was getting run over by a bus, I'd probably just stand there and watch. What a fucking idiot. (And no, he's not some idiot 16 year old with a big mouth. He's older than me.)