Reading: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

Bad aftertaste. My soul feels tainted having read that. Thomas Covenant is probably the most hated protagonist ever.

My problem is that he makes no attempt to master the ring, despite there being incidences where the ring clearly has some power. All he does he refuse and whinge about how he has no choice and that everything is a dream. It takes him the whole tomb length before he realises that, as the dreamer, he has the power to save these people. And he keeps throwing leprosy in everyone's faces (including the reader) as an excuse for his apathy. 'It's just another form of suicide' etc etc. What the hell is wrong with this guy? I'm reading it from his PoV but he is so utterly alien that I just cannot sympathise with him at all.

He couldn't look at it logically. So let's say he's right. It was a delusion in his head. He's in a dream where everyone believes he's the savior. He possesses a ring that contains power, controllable only by him, and can essentially do anything. Instead of saying, 'alright, let's just go with the flow and see where this takes me' he fights back every step of the way. He refuses to be the saviour because it's a dream and he has no power over where it takes him. He has no choice. He's had these events thrust upon him.

He's as much a victim of circumstance as the people around him.

Why did it take him 49 years to realise and for the reader two chapters to realise, that if he insists on playing victim in his own goddamn dream, then that's what he'll be?

Also really disliked Elena for being so utterly stupid. I guess her flaw is "power without wisdom." But geez, Elena. Aren't you the High Lord? Surely even you could see nothing good could possibly come from breaking the Laws. And I couldn't understand why people loved her so mindlessly. I /really/ couldn't see the traits that might make Troy and Thomas love her. Maybe she was... kind? But pretty much the entire Land is kind. I guess she's beautiful, but is that it? She was short sighted. And she fucked up the land entirely because she saw power and went for it without thinking of the repercussions first. I just thought... surely a Lord, of all people, can see that power does not come without a price. She didn't even consider if it was worth it; or if there were things greater than the loss of her pride.

Loved Mhoram. Loved Triok. So much pity to Lena, poor child. Loved Bannor. Acute sadness at the loss of the Bloodguards. Side characters so much more intriguing.

However, will definitely not be reading the next one.