Been doing this at work

Well, and working of course.

Basically me and my mini-boss have been gathering a list of Metrosexual facts, to determine who is the most metro in our office.

So far we have:

1. Have you ever worn and/or be willing to wear a vest that is not part of a compulsory uniform? (1pt)

2. Do you have white shoes that are /not/ sports shoes? (1pt)

3. Do you wear a scarf? (1pt)

4. Do you wear gloves? (1pt)
4a. Do you wear one glove? (1pt - although this could also just be bad taste)

5. Do you use conditioner after you shampoo? (1pt)

6. Do you exfoliate? (1pt)

7. Do you know what exfoliate means? (1pt)

8. Do you keep your hair short and/or cut regularly/styled? (1pt)

Obviously 1 point doesn't mean anything. But if you have alot of points, welllllll. Anyway, we're still working on the list.