I fear this

Maybe I am just doomed to ping pong around back to you. Or back to this.

I wish you'd take the conscientiousness effort to communicate. Sure we think differently, but that's why it just won't work. I spent a year being wing broken and lamed, because we thought differently.

That's why it just can't... I just can't take this kind of hurt. You don't even mean it, I didn't even mean it. But that doesn't change anything. The intrinsic problem here is that we thought differently and there's really nothing left to say.

Did I hurt you?

Why is it so easy for me to understand and forgive you?

I think July must be the month of love. Something about this month in particular drives people into each other's arms, drives them to seek for companionship. Maybe it's because you blink and shit, half the year is gone already and you're STILL single? What the hell?

Maybe anyone would do...

I am afraid. Because you see, I don't want this.

I really don't want You, but you have this hold on me and that is what I fear. Some days I just know that for all my bravado, if you say my name, I'll come running.

Don't say my name.
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