I can see it happening

Client: We want to reinvent the wheel.

Designers: Uh... why?

Client: Cause it's boring and everyone's got one! There's like 4 of them on a car and even kiddies have them on their push carts!

Designers: Yes, because it works... look, if you want to be different we could... paint it red?

Client: You aren't listening to me! You aren't listening to my feedback!

Designers: Ok, ok, ok.

Client: Make it flat on one side.

Designers: Ok.

Client: We want a dent here for personality.

Designers: ...Alright.

Client: It still needs an axle though.

Designers: Yes, of course. Ok. Done.

Client: ... Why was there no input? Aren't we hiring you for your professional opinion?

Designers: ...


And then it happened