Unmarked thoughts

I seem to have done it again.

Hurrah for completing exams, assignments and other miscellaneous adventures within three hours prior to deadline!

Now that I'm free for today, I'm gonna take a break and maybe find something to kill.

Oh yeah, I was late for my exam, so I ran straight there. I had a project that I was was planning to hand in before my exam started, since the closing time was 4 and my exam goes from 1-6. I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to hand in the stupid thing after I spent so much time on it, when I could've been spending time on much more industrious things. Anyway, I finished early, so when I got to the office it was 5pm. There was a lady there and I saw she was stacking up piles and piles of projects, that she had, no doubt, just collected from the inbox outside. So I put on my best "cutesy and apologetic" tone and asked if I could hand it late anyway. She looked a little surprised, I don't actually think there's a late penalty, unlike Biology, if you hand it in a few hours late. Bio gives you the shits if you hand in your assignment two minutes late. Anyway, she let me hand it in to her, which was good. I actually felt really happy about that, even if my exam was murder.

Well, I hate molecular biology anyway.