The end

All the things I'd say to you... even now, you are still the selfish dickwad that I feared you were.

About a month ago, I thought you were neither good nor evil; that you were Just A Guy, but now I know so much better.... No, you really were just an Asshole. And a massive one at that.

To be honest, I wish her luck because she'll need it. Unless you change, unless you grow up and finally become a man and stop acting like some spoilt boy, because I swear, you will drive that poor girl insane.

The thing that frightened me the most was that as I got to know you, you reminded me of my father, more and more. Charismatic, charming; when you focus your attention on someone, it is like sunlight, like the warmth from fire.

But fire burns. Fire destroys. You don't know how to nurture or love. You only know the moment's passion, and when it's gone, we're left with less than we had before.