If I say it, you'll be mine - I'll have soulbound you to me - I could say it, because it's what you want to hear and what you think you need. I could say it, because it'll keep me warm at night and fill the lonely expanse.

Love can be grown - plant a seed of suggestion and water it with attention and you can make love bloom. I want you to love me but I know it's a commitment, it's a binding between two souls. Done haphazardly, I know it could cripple you, an emotional scarring you'll never forget - so that I... I'm unwilling to say the words, to complete the cycle and bind your heart to me.

I don't want to be selfish in this, because I think you are more fragile than I, even though you say otherwise, even though you tell me that you can teach me to be strong. You're built on a stilt foundation and love's gentle tap can crumble your world completely.