You would be the most beautiful girl in the world if you were the last girl in the world

Feeling so very small and insecure about myself today. At that point you realize you're never gonna be a tall, leggy blonde - although this probably should have hit you back when you first looked in the mirror.

This is more like a sad sigh acknowledging that as an tiny Asian chick in a western world, you are never going to hit that western concept of beauty... at least, not without a lot of help.

It didn't bother me before because there was only one person that I cared about what he liked and luckily he liked his women as I was, small, slender.

Now... well, you can tell me that I'm fine, you can say it doesn't bother you, you can say that you think I am beautiful but that's just words I think you are obligated to say. I know what you like cause I've seen it on your phone, in your computer and every time I see it, it's a nail in the coffin of my self-esteem. I am never going to be that.

Hey guys, your girl just wants to be your fantasy...