Further Testing

There is something so remarkably cute about seeing a 25+ year old man run his daughter's pram through a puddle of water while yelling: 'wheee!' as the water splashes up. It brings a smile to my face.

Speaking of things I saw today, there was some kind of argument going on in the bus I was trying to catch to go to school, I wasn't paying proper attention, as I was going to be late to hand in my assignment, only that it was late anyway but back to that argument. Maybe I'm a bit biased, but it seemed a bit one sided to me, consisting of a woman and a man yelling at an asian couple. I don't actually know what it was about, but halfway through the man started to pull down his pants, and there was threats about going to the police and wotnot. I saw that woman who was causing a lot of commotion later and she was crying like it was something they made her do, like it wasn't her fault she lost her temper and totally blew up in a stranger's face. I thought it was complete and utter bull, although I suppose I shouldn't really comment as I didn't see the origination of the fight, but this all boils down to culture again I think. I just couldn't see that asian couple standing up for themselves, so it seemed a bit cruel. Anyway, I felt no sympathy for the woman.