The games we play

Why do we hurt the people that we love in an effort for them to notice us? Why is it that you are told to "play it cool," to not let on when you are attracted to someone? There is something fundamentally childish about our actions now, as if we have not grown beyond the boy who pulled on the hair of the girl he liked.

I want to say to you; if you love him, if you want to be near him, hear his voice, just DO IT. I don't know why people hold back. What, to save face? To retain dignity?

Grow up. Take the plunge. If you want him, then go to him. If you're thinking about him, let him know. If it makes you happy, just do it. Stop worrying about what he'll think of you, or if you're being desperate - if you love him, let him know.

I am not saying it will work out for certain but you'll save yourself alot of self-inflicted heartache in the process.

Honesty, boys and girls, is the keystone of a relationship.
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