What an amazing person you are

You see, I had to ramp myself up for this. I'd never have dared to express my unhappiness with my ex because he treated my opinions with impatience. If I complained about anything he did; he'd disagree on the basis that he was older and therefore 'wiser', tell me that my feelings were invalid and to not to feel that way. Or he'd just threaten to break up with me.

I was so used to getting burnt that I had to prepare myself for a battle.

I built up my defenses; my counter arguments. I braced myself to stand firm, that if you were gonna threaten me, I would not cave in and obey meekly. My feelings were valid, my hurt was real, and if you ignored me, then we were incompatible and I would find someone who cared about me enough to listen.

I was so ready to fight you and fight for my right to speak that when you agreed and then apologized for hurting me, I was stunned.

Somehow in all my preparation, I was not prepared for this.