If you burst into tears at work everyday, if you throw things at the walls, is it time to quit?

I’m sorry but I just think this is bullshit. I disagreed with you so you made me put it on both the web and the ppt – when it doesn’t even have a place in the presentation. THIS IS DATA PRESENTATION. WE ARE DOING WEB AND APP UI. I CANNOT FIND ANOTHER RULE FOR GRAPHING BECAUSE IT IS NOT EVEN RELEVANT TO YOUR TOPIC.

I almost think if I didn’t say anything you probably would have just ignored it and moved on, but no, instead I spoke up so now it’s like you have to claim ultimate victory by forcing me write shit for stuff I don’t like and I don’t agree with TWICE OVER.

Will this get me fired? Most likely! It’s like a thousand of these tiny little things where you have to exert your dominance over us. Stop doing this soul crushing to your employees when we are trying to help you. I’m just so tired of having to argue back with you all the time to demonstrate my expertise on ANYTHING.

It’s like you hire an electrician to fix your wires and instead of letting him do his shit, you’re constantly standing over his shoulder commenting about how you don’t like the way he’s doing things, that’s not what you would have done, please explain exactly why he did that, DID HE SEND HIMSELF A TASK EMAIL AND HIGHLIGHT ONLY THE CHANGES. GOD.

Are you aware I ate three chunky KitKat bars today and I HATE HATE HATE chocolate? This is what you are doing to me. I’ve found a stress outlet in stuffing my face with junk food. Other people just leave.

I miss Serena and Tristan. I blame you for driving them away.

You got me doing menial tasks and you're driving me insane while I'm forced to do it. I am a fucking graphic designer. I want to be a graphic designer. I want to be creative again, instead of oppressed all the time.

I want to stop crying in the bathroom at lunchtime.