My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Goodness, Lauren Faust, you are my new idol.

I love stories. I love reading, watching, being prodded into thinking in new directions through that creative storytelling. I love wit. I love humour that isn't dumbed down, that is genuine, that assumes I am a smart intellectual being.

I love it when a story respect me as a reader.

And I love My Little Pony.

I find stories that I love usually have female characters I can relate to. Not nessecarily characters I like but characters who are real and have personality.

It's why I hate Feist's Magician and why I think only MEN could ever love that drivel. I would never want my daughter to love that book. I honestly never want my daughter to read that book and think it's "right" that a thousand year old Elven Queen should be emotionally abused by a teenaged boy, that all her wisdom and her years mean nothing because she's a "female in love."

I hope fathers never want their daughters to read that shit.

I also find stories that I love with female characters I can relate to are usually written by females or have a woman's driving hand. I don't know what George Martin does. I going to guess that he pretends his female characters are real people and not focus too much on the woman part first.

Anyway, back to ponies.

Yes, I don't like some of the ponies; Rarity is far too full of herself and Dash is so keen on winning she's willing to cheat. But those are flaws. Real, geniune flaws. I don't know what I can say about that. I don't like them, because they aren't perfect.

Is that good characterisation? Do I want my hypothetical little girl to see this? I don't know if they are role models, but I don't think they were designed to be role models. Role models are perfect archetypes to live up to; idols we worship from afar.

I think these ponies were designed to be avatars.

Sidenote: Rarity's gift is not that she's beautiful but that she's generous. And as you know, generosity is rare, hence the name! My only real gripe is that I really wish they focused on that more in the show instead of all this kerfuffle about how physically attractive she is. That's not why she's a beautiful pony.