D&D 4e

I haven't even started and already I don't want to play anymore. This is utterly bullshit since it was me who started the whole thing in the house, trying to get people to play and so on.

The problem comes down to me discovering that all Mark wants to do, like really wants to do, is argue with me over rules vs narrative. I mean. Seriously. I hate the idea of trying to DM this shit because there's no goddamn way he'll let me do anything for the sake of narrative - ie. "the castle is falling! You cannot rest now" - he'll seriously try and come at me with it's in the rule book that you can rest whenever the hell you want.

I'm like NO. You cannot rest here because you need to get the fuck out.

And again, NO, I want to rest now, the consequences are up to me.


Yes, but it is my choice.



It's almost like you're trying to dictate a pacing and taking a tighter control on the narrative so that it's a more enjoyable story and all he wants to do is... I don't even know what this is. He's just being stubborn.

Half of D&D is in the storytelling and the roleplaying. He's not letting me do one and only thinks he's doing the other by giving his characters "freedom". It's not freedom! It's just being a douchebag.

"The volcano has exploded and magma is rushing towards you. It is the advent of your fiery, burny death."

"I want to camp for 8 hours."

"... What."

Is this roleplaying? If you were really roleplaying, wouldn't you be a screaming, messy panic?

He's resisting narrative flow and that pisses me off so much. I am remind of The Gamers, where the poor DM is trying to argue that story is king and the rules are merely a template.
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