Guy: Why don't girls like me?

I'll tell you why.

1. You're an asshole.


2. You don't care about your physical appearance.


3. You aren't assertive enough.

Most guys seem to think this becomes a failure of the girls to not recognize what a sweet, misunderstood person you are, but that's utterly bullshit. If you don't think this matters, then why don't YOU go and find a girl behaves exactly like you and see how well that goes.

1. Frankly, "you're a douchebag" is the most likely reason because even the douchebag guys I speak with know that girls don't place physical appearance as #1. If you're decent looking (don't have a third eye or a weird fungus growth on your forehead) that's GOOD ENOUGH. Seriously, guys need to know this - appearance is a minimal bonus... it's even a penalty. Guys who are 10s are usually self absorbed womanizers who are likely to stray (assholes).

The number one most likely reason girls don't like you is because you're a douchebag. You need to be honest with yourself and think of it like this: are you ready to dedicate any portion of your life to someone else? If you're not willing to spend at least 1 hour on the phone or in contact every night and you still want a girlfriend, then you're a douchebag. You're not in it for the long run, you don't want to give any part of yourself up, you're just in it... for the right to sex. You don't want to give up 1 hour of your pathetic life for someone else? How do you expect to build a life together? The answer is: you don't. So girls don't bother with you. You're a waste of their time, their effort, their love. You're a douchebag.

Maybe you'll get lucky and find a girl who only wants to use you for sex. Someone who doesn't want to build a life with you. But don't get upset when she cheats on you because you got exactly what you asked for.

2. You don't care about your physical appearance. You don't think it's important to be fit, to be clean, to have good hygiene because that's shallow and not who you really are and girls who care about that are selfish bitches.

BULLSHIT. If you really think that, why aren't you dating the ugliest, dirtiest girl you can find? If you're shallow enough to filter girls by their appearance, don't be surprised when they do it right back at ya. Stop being a douchebag and clean yourself up.

You don't have to be superbuff. Personally, I don't like superbuff cause I find it a bit creepy. But you can still take care of yourself. Wash your hair often. Dress smartly. Moisturize. I spend an hour of just fucking moisturizing morning and night - I don't know why guys can't be fucked to put in the same amount of effort as girls. We put in all this work to look presentable and you can't be arsed to do even a quarter of that, and yet guys reserve the right to be fussy? It's such a douchebag attitude I think these two should be one category.

3. If by some chance that you really are just a nice guy, look decent and still single, then chances are you aren't assertive enough. We tell you this all the time but you just don't listen. Here's the thing taught by wisdom:

Being in love is like barring your most vulnerable part of your soul to a stranger and hoping you don't get hurt. It's a gamble. It's always chance. If you want to find love, you have to be /prepared/ to get hurt.

It is a gamble, but you can reduce the risk by getting to know the person beforehand. I call this "befriending" someone. Guys seem to think this bad because puts them in the friendzone.


You become friends with the girl and she realizes you're an asshole. She'll never date you now so when you finally decide to ask her, she turns you down "because she doesn't want to loose a friend." Bullshit, she turned you down cause you're an asshole.

I never know if guys want to hear the real reason why they get turned down. I think it could be constructive criticism but most of the time guys don't wanna hear it because of injured pride. They'd rather believe it's the girl's fault than theirs, because clearly they're such a paragon of mankind.

Not that I'm saying girls are perfect either. You're going to find bitches and manipulators in that great sea out there, but you'll also find girls who are really looking for honest love and I'm assuming that a good guy like you is looking for good lass.

Anyway, I rambled. The last point is, if you're genuinely not a douchebag, then just go out there and make friends with girls and make them laugh. Flirt with them now and then so they know you're interested in them but not so much you come off as a creep. Since guys like definitions here's a nice number: "1 flirt per 20 days of interaction."

This is counted by interaction so you have to pad the parts between the flirts with real friendship points. You want to avoid this thing where once every fortnight you sms her out of the blue with "HUR HUR U HAV A PURDY MOUF" so that when she looks back on your sms history all she sees is this:


Try and stay classy, ok?

As for the thing about being assertive - it's not as hard as you think.

Wank. SHOWER. (You don't need deodorant and if you do... just shower. A cloud of Axel Body Spray is not pleasant despite the commercials.) Brush your hair, brush your teeth. Wear nice clothes. Look her in the eyes and smile.

NOW GO and stop being assholes.

Edit: That's not to say that all friendzoned guys are so because they're assholes. Usually they are, but I have friends who I'd never want to date because they are truly precious to me. The thing about that is you can usually tell the other person thinks the same. Mainly because it's like trying to date your sister or your brother. You're so close, they're more like family than friends.
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