I also hate my life

So I'm doing pre-enrollment stuff for next year.

I'm keeping in mind that I have to find days for when I can go and find a job.

Not only have they lowered the units for each course, but I still have to do the same minimum number of unit points for each semester. This basically means I have to pick up an extra subject, just to keep up with this course.

I do science, so each one of my subjects is about 3 hours with pratical, that could vary from 2-3 hours. Now I don't know if I have to do more praticals next year, or if I still get the one. Even if I just get the one, I have to do 4 science subjects in one semester. That is like having a practical on every day of the fucking week. Each one of these subjects has a 20% report, 15% essay, pratical exam, and one of them I have to do some sort of fucking bug collection.

Or, I could stay out of the creepy bug collection one and pick up a course that gives me the same number of course units, but I'll have to do an assignment every week, a report every second week, a 3 hours pratical exam, 20% worth of quizzes and 5 hour pratical per fortnight.

I just can't see when I'll ever get the time to go find a job! @_@