Whenever my mom says I'm not pretty at all, I just tell her "that's funny, people always tell me I look like you."

If growing up is realizing your parents are human, becoming an adult is realizing you don't need to take shit from them anymore. No one has the power to make you feel worthless, and no one has the right to demand respect from you.

If my brother is right in that I have a problem with authority figures, then I say damn right I do. I don't have a problem granting authority. I have problem giving it to people who demand it, but don't earn it.

Your parents are the first. It's like childhood is a restaurant and becoming an adult is like paying the bill. At the end there's a little section marked "tip" and you decide what your parents are worth. If they're worth your respect.

If my waiter gives me shitty service, spits in my food, comments about how ugly I look, or what a burden I was ever since I was born, then you can be sure that at the end of it, I'm going to write a big fat zero on his tip and walk away feeling pretty good with myself.

I don't feel like I should apologize for this.

My relationship with my mother is a lot more complicated in this regard - because I am well aware that she did sacrifice a lot for me. However I have this underlying knowledge that the woman I give my respect to now is not the same woman who worked for it. Some days I feel like an orphan, with only the memory of a mother in my head.

As for my father, I don't have the same experiences as my brothers, so when they try and /force/ me to respect him, I can only laugh. I don't try to make them see it from my point of view, but they should not attempt to convince me otherwise either.
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